A clinical trial is a research study in which volunteers receive investigational treatments under the supervision of a physician and other research professionals. These treatments are developed by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies who select qualified physicians, to conduct the trials to determine the benefits of the medical treatment and potential use.


1.- Lupus and Chronic Kidney Disease
2.- Diabetic Kidney Disease
3.- Primary Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis. (FSGS)
4.- Chronic Kidney Disease
5.- Inmunoglobulina A (IgA) Nephropathy

6.- Chronic Kidney Disease in Non-diabetic Patients

7.- Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis


Medical research studies can be a great opportunity for people to receive medical services at no cost and to learn more about their medical condition. Volunteers in medical research studies, in most cases, are compensated for their time and travel commitments in the form of a stipend.

At El Paso Medical Research Institute we try to make volunteering a positive experience for every participant. Our friendly staff understands and recognizes that all participants in medical studies are volunteers; therefore, we respect every participant’s time and commitment. In addition to compensation, volunteers often receive diagnostic testing and careful evaluation by a board-certified medical doctor. Lastly, many volunteers find that participation in medical studies can be a great learning experience that allows them to have a better understanding of their medical condition and potential treatment options.

Participation is always voluntary and participants can choose to withdraw from a study at any time. Every medical study has different requirements, procedures, risks and benefits. See our list of enrolling study opportunities and call or apply today. Our friendly staff will gladly explain the details of study participation over the phone or by email.

How to participate in a study ?

Usually your primary doctor or any the medical specialist who take care of you can refer you to our office if they believe that you would be a good fit or may benefit for one of our studies.

You can also review our available studies and contact us if you wish to participate in any of them.

You can use our registry to leave your information and we will contact you if we think you are a good fit for one of our studies.

What to expect?

When participating in a clinical trial, the process depends on the type of research that is being conducted. The site staff for a clinical trial, which might include doctors, nurses, social workers and other specialized health care professionals, will check your health at the start of the clinical trial, provide specific instructions and guidance for what you will be doing during the trial, keep an eye on your health throughout the trial, and make sure that the study protocol is followed.

Depending on your condition, some clinical trials may involve more diagnostic tests and doctor visits than you might initially expect. These tests and visits will help the site staff to ensure that your health and safety are monitored carefully throughout the trial.

To determine if you meet all of the requirements for a clinical trial, a questionnaire and/or physical examination is usually conducted during the screening process. All of the information obtained during the screening process is kept confidential and secure. If you do qualify for the clinical trial, you will be contacted by the site staff to schedule any trial-related visits and discuss your participation with more details.

Your participation in a clinical trial is completely voluntary. Even if you decide to enroll in a trial, you are able to leave the trial at any time. For more information read our FAQ page.


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